靠谱买球平台 was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of 格林学校 (an academy in 2011) 而且 Danetree Junior School. 在一起, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern Engl而且.

学校使命、理想 & 值

正规买球平台的使命:卓越. 奋进号. 机会

At Rosebery we strive to inspire 而且 support every member of our community to achieve excellence through a love of learning, 以及对成功的渴望. We challenge ourselves to continually improve 而且 underst而且 that endeavour 而且 effort are central to meeting the highest of expectations. We are committed to creating a happy, purposeful 而且 secure environment which provides the opportunity for all to develop 而且 grow; to build confidence 而且 self-belief; 而且 to be enriched 而且 stimulated so that we can all contribute significantly 而且 positively to the Rosebery community 而且 beyond.


We aspire for every child who joins Rosebery to be able to look forward to a 快乐的 教育, 挑战 而且 激发 them 而且 empowers them to inspire others.

Irrespective of their background or starting point, our students all experience a rich, diverse 而且 ambitious curriculum which enables them to become the very best version of themselves. They will be empowered to demonstrate the resilience, ambition 而且 motivation to push themselves to be the best - in a healthy, happy 而且 inclusive environment, where they can develop 而且 thrive without fear of failure or judgement. 在整个旅程中, the Rosebery Way will define 而且 secure positive relationships for all 而且 will ensure that students, staff 而且 parents have the highest expectations of each other expressed with 清晰、善良和尊重.

正规买球平台的 人人有志 will ensure that each 而且 every Rosebery student acquires 而且 develops the 知识、技能和性格 to make their preferred next step when leaving us on their journey to becoming the leaders, role models 而且 champions of industry who will go on to shape a better future for us all.


All members of our community are expected to behave in a manner that upholds the values 而且 ethos of the Rosebery Way:

  1. All members of our community are shown the level of respect 而且 kindness that we would expect for a member of our family

  2. High expectations are never set by creating a fear of failure; they are set by demonstrating belief in each other's ability to achieve

  3. Members of our community who do not meet our expectations are supported to help them to do so

  4. We never ask anyone to do anything that we would not be prepared to do ourselves

  5. We act with integrity by doing the right thing whether or not anyone is watching


In pursuit of our vision, we have identified the following strategic priorities:

  • Plan 而且 sequence a rigorous academic curriculum to ensure all students can explore their 求知欲 并发展他们的 认知灵活性 随着时间的推移, whilst ensuring that they acquire the knowledge, skills 而且 qualifications to progress to their chosen destinations 而且 careers.
  • Review 而且 refine our curriculum to ensure it is 多元包容.
  • 注重提高学生 口语能力 而且 读写能力.
  • Aspire, within each subject, for every student to be a 学者 并且表现得像个 真实的 该学科的学习者.
  • Continue to develop the effective learner qualities that will enhance the learning capabilities of all students across the curriculum.
  • Ensure that all lessons are delivered passionately 而且 knowledgeably by teachers who 培养对主题的热爱 和谁 模仿学术行为 而且 learner qualities which they expect from their students.
  • Expect all teachers to establish a safe 而且 stimulating environment 为学生,扎根 相互尊重 而且 to uphold their professional responsibility to ensure all learning experiences have a clear 的目的, 都是由 精度 并且音调合适.
  • 建立一个 个性的课程 而且 学生宪章 除了正规买球平台的 丰富和领导力 opportunities, will create a foundation from which every child can flourish.
  • Refine 而且 enhance the pastoral structures 而且 systems throughout the Lower School, Upper School 而且 六年级 to ensure that every child has access to the 支持、指导和关怀 they need to fully engage with the Rosebery experience.